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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well I haven't been on stardoll due to some family visits but when I logged on today there was yet another store in starplaza! I know one thing, the members of the stardoll staff must be busy with all these fab new stores and collections! Well the store as you can tell is called Moxie and Its full of cute and fun little outfits for your dolls. Its a bit of a funky retro 80's vibe I see. Well the funk isnt the best part for the stardoll members! All of the items in the store even the guitar is for non-superstar members! And when you think It couldn't get any better, stardoll staff gave everyone a free Moxie girl poster! They always give posters and I have so many posters I dont know what to do with them so I just put them in storage, but I hope the get new and cuter ways of giving free stuff soon. I just know there will be even more cute things coming up! Thank you stardoll staff and keep up the fast and cute work!
Ok so above we have a great screen shot of the new store and all of its fab new clothes! Some of these things are great and loook good with almost anything. If your not loving the funky colors just get the basics like those cute and simple white boots, the fab pink or green belts, and those blue jeans that are only 3 stardollars! But if you are into looking funky and keeping with the latest starplaza trends, then I would totaly snag those hot pink and white leggings and that rocking handbag! So far I think Im going to get those hot boots up front with the loud blue and green colors! Well anyway you shop, you better shop fast because something tells me this store, just like the Kohls. line is not going to stick around for long.


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