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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BlackStar is Back Preview

ok so most of you or at least the stardoll fashionistas that are in the loop, know that black stare clothing was avalable in starplaza for a short time but only avalable on a certain sever, well now its back with new items and possible for all users this time!

HotBuys to your Stores October 2009

I love these posts about HotBuys to your stores! The Following images are from seen on stardoll and HotBuys Addicted!
Well Anyways I think This Months HotBuys are the best set of HotBuys we have had in a long time and I personally would love to own everthing from this month not just for my doll but for me!
Balenciaga skirt

Bag by Louis Vuitton

Quilted bag by Candie's at Kohl's

Panties by Topshop

Top by Topshop

Top by Topshop

Jacket by Louis Vuitton

Dress by Alexander McQueen

Friday, September 25, 2009

HotBuys October 2009 Doll

Omg I Love these Clothes and The doll is so pretty too!
More HotBuys October 2009 posts below and more to come

Fall HotBuys October 2009!

OMG....I cant belive it but for the first time ever Stardoll is...FIERCE!
I Love every single thing omg these clothes are hot! I may just have to track out the real life items for my own closet! these Looks are stunning and they even tie in some Halloween flair without making it to tacky. I Love all the items but my top picks are: The knee high boots, the black and purple round purse, the dress. and the blouse! I will post there look alikes soon, until then: Shop On all you Fashionistas!

Miss Sixty is In? FOR REAL!

omg The Miss Sixty Line that we have been talking about for the longest time, has shown its face in starplaza for the first time today! Sadly its another Superstarline but what is weird about this is that the shop only have a total of like 3 outfits...its most likely that stardoll will add to this though. So not to worry. So check it out stardoll fashionistas!

Red Carpet Line take two Dates

Here is the dates for this weeks Rep Carpet Line Hurry In because these looks strut out the door on September 27th!

Sale for Superstars Memo

Fall Fashion Clean out Sale for Superstars!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Set of the Week!

This week's Look is inspired by the beauty of Barcelona, Spain!

Baby Phat comes to Starplaza

So The Buzz on the Blogs these days have been all about a new line coming to stardoll! Its the Baby Phat line!!! So there are many questions buzzing too like will this just be another Miss Sixty thing and never really happen? Or if it does happen will it be for Non-superstars like the Moxie Girl and the Kohl's lines? Stay tuned...

More RedCarpet in Starplaza! Luella and Josh Goot

Once again starplaza has some Red Hot looks, well red Carpet Looks to be more exact! Check it out! The only not so hot thing about this line is that unlike last time, Thesde are all for Superstars Only! But they still look super cute and thats what matters right?!
Luella pants, top, shoes & hairbow

Josh Goot dress & shoes

Monday, September 21, 2009

Limited Edition LE COMES OUT TODAY!

Today Is the Day Girls!
The Latest Line of Limited Edition or LE4 Comes out today! So Ready set........

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Project Runway Season 6, Newspaper as Fabric

Ok For all who love the Runway or Project Runway then this blog will be your best online go to hot spot! Because I Just Love project Runway. So Last Night the Challenge of Course was to make something for the runway that isnt fabric [nothing new for this show because this show makes things out of everything from cars to candy] anyways the designers were left with the task of making a full on runway look out of Newspaper!!! And nothing but some paint and magic markers to add to the paper. Sounds like a craft project right? Well this is Project Runway Folks so dont expect anything less than amazing! So Here are all the Designers' paper creations!

I Love this Look it was very creative
This was Okay But I was expecting more from this designer

Tacky and the designer was being super mean in this challenge, i guess he should of spent more time on his work and less time on bieng a jerk because it shows {he was in the bottom 2]

Okay [ sorry about the small pic]

Nice But no Show stopper

This was the losing look, So bad it didnt look that good at all.

This was the winning look! Its very nice but I didnt think It was the best n the runway. Super Chic though considering that its paper!

Doesnt Look Like paper at all! thios Designer always taylors to the T!

Ehhhh its okay...

OMG!!!!! THIS DRESS WAS SOOOO CUTE! This dress totaly should have won! I love this designer! He is the one guy who never went to a design school and Look what he can do! The feathered bottom look so cute and the corset top doesnt look like paper at all. I would so wear this to a ball, even if it is paper I would love to wear this dress!

This Look looks Good, not the best but the color is pretty

This dress looks great! I love how she cut out a bunch of the same image and layered it to create a pattern. Very Chic!

Bazaar Magazine Issue September 2009! From Stardolls Top Designers!

Ok As you knwo if you read my blog, I love the blog: http://stardolldesigner.blogspot.com/
because they put together a little Magazine article for the best Star-designer on stardoll every month! So I Like to put the articles on my blog but Im not taking any credit for it!! Anyways I am not able to put the article on my blog any more so just visit their site!

Another LE Sneek Peek

Ok So If you have read my other posts you have seen all sorts of LE sneek peaks but this one shows a possible set up of how LE will look in starplaza. You can never have too many sneek peeks :D

Friday, September 18, 2009

Red Carpet Price Boxes

Up and Coming LE Sneek Peek Part 3

Marc Jacobs bags & accesories
Marc Jacobs dress

Marc Jacobs dress

Moschino dress
Rodarte dress

All graphics above were from:

Up and Coming LE Sneek Peek Part 2

Alexander Wang Dress

House Of Holland Outfit

All Graphics above were from:

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