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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Project Runway Season 6, Newspaper as Fabric

Ok For all who love the Runway or Project Runway then this blog will be your best online go to hot spot! Because I Just Love project Runway. So Last Night the Challenge of Course was to make something for the runway that isnt fabric [nothing new for this show because this show makes things out of everything from cars to candy] anyways the designers were left with the task of making a full on runway look out of Newspaper!!! And nothing but some paint and magic markers to add to the paper. Sounds like a craft project right? Well this is Project Runway Folks so dont expect anything less than amazing! So Here are all the Designers' paper creations!

I Love this Look it was very creative
This was Okay But I was expecting more from this designer

Tacky and the designer was being super mean in this challenge, i guess he should of spent more time on his work and less time on bieng a jerk because it shows {he was in the bottom 2]

Okay [ sorry about the small pic]

Nice But no Show stopper

This was the losing look, So bad it didnt look that good at all.

This was the winning look! Its very nice but I didnt think It was the best n the runway. Super Chic though considering that its paper!

Doesnt Look Like paper at all! thios Designer always taylors to the T!

Ehhhh its okay...

OMG!!!!! THIS DRESS WAS SOOOO CUTE! This dress totaly should have won! I love this designer! He is the one guy who never went to a design school and Look what he can do! The feathered bottom look so cute and the corset top doesnt look like paper at all. I would so wear this to a ball, even if it is paper I would love to wear this dress!

This Look looks Good, not the best but the color is pretty

This dress looks great! I love how she cut out a bunch of the same image and layered it to create a pattern. Very Chic!


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