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Thursday, July 30, 2009

From Bazaar Magazine!

Please Note: This was not written by Liv's Runway! This was made all thanks to the creators of Bazaar Magazine and http://stardolldesigner.blogspot.com/
Article and Graphic provided by http://stardolldesigner.blogspot.com/
" I first found out about r1ma through her blog a few months ago. I didnt know she was a designer till i ran into those awesome Marc Jacobs leggings that she had posted. Once i spotted those i was hooked. Plus, i come to find out, she has a ton of gorgeous creations right off the runway. I truly think her nitch is making runway collections on stardesign panels to hang up in your suite. They are simply amazing and i personally would not even want to try to make something so complex. You can definitely catch UndamyUmbrellla wearing r1ma's fabulous creations, staying updated with the lastest fashions, i can understand why or maybe they have some modeling agreement going on ...lol.You should also check out her blog! Its about what influences her stardoll style and the Real fashions going on in the world. I have to say its very interesting and funny at times so definitely take a peek: http://r1ma.blogspot.com/ "-http://stardolldesigner.blogspot.com/

New Doll Sneek peak

Graphics provided by http://stardolldesigner.blogspot.com/

Well now that the new Kohls line is in starplaza, so are the dolls!
You can dress up A Candies doll, Abby Dawn doll, or Mudd Doll.

Another Stardoll Magazine Release, Pose!

For those of you who love everything Stardoll, and stardoll magazine then you will love this news! There is yet another magazine that just let onto the scene, its Pose Magazine and its from the creators of http://stardollprefects.blogspot.com/
Check it out! here is the link: http://posemagazine.wordpress.com/
you can even save it to your dashboard just like a normal blog that you follow and you can read it and the other up coming issues from your dashboard!
Thats it for now, keeping you posted on all the Stardoll Magazine buzz-Liv

Kohls is in Starplaza Now!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Statement Magazine

You most likely saw this in a post today on stardoll under starbloggers, its Statement magazine!
I took a look through it and its wonderful! I love the graphics and this seasons fashion must haves. Also for those you want to make there medoll glow with beauty they have make-up tips and stylings that will help you achieve the perfect look for the season!
Check it out!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Candies - Sneek Peek

Grafic provided by ClubFreeStuff.blogspot.com
Look What fabulose spoiler we found today! It looks like The Candies Line is coming again! For those of you on stardoll that were not there for the Candies line last year, Candies is a real clothing line at Kohl's and so the Candie's stuff on stardoll are modeled after the real life verzions. All of the clothes are usualy for all to buy, so thats great news for non-superstar members and the clothes are usually pretty low priced in the 2-4 stardollars range, thats good news for everyone! Personaly I cant wait for Candies to come in because some of those items just look to cute to wait for! Like that purple top!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wooo I feel so Techy!

Hey yall! I know like only one person is reading this but I just want to say that my blog is coming along! I thing its starting to look like a decent blog so I hope more people will join it. Till then,
Im always working on it-Liv

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Im Bringing Back the High-waist-skirts!

I know you are all sick of these Looklet posts but I love them, anyways Here are four great examples of High-waist-skirts that i made that look super Chic! See, its coming back!


Looklet of the Day

Looklet Of the Day!
Mixing Funky Cheetah Print with silky black lace and metal details
Each day I will try to post The Looklet of the Day!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Yeah I'm a Rockstar in Training

Okay I know this is like my 50th Looklet Post of the day but I really Love this Look I have created! Its called " Yeah, I'm a Rockstar in Training". Omg I LOVE IT
Hope you Like it too :D

My Funky New Collection Beware!

Metal Meets Lace
Thats Hot!....Pink


This is just three outfit I put together on Looklet! They are all a bit out-there, even for me but I love them. I would wear them. Cheers to looking so high Fash!

Looklet! The next stardoll perhaps?

Ok thanks to breathlessmagazine.stardoll I was introduced to this new dress up fashion site called Looklet. Its so cool, you make an account and create your own look with things that are from real now hot designers. So anyway I will mostlikely post some more of my looks on here now and then, but here I is my very first Looklet that i made like just 2 minutes ago. Its called Alley Cat. its intersting lol im still getting used to all of the different things on this site so bear with me on it if you dont like this outfit. But also besides creating your looks you can vote on other people's looks and even remix them. Im so glad I was shown this site and I hope you are too!

August HotBuys 2009 to your stores!!

Flats by Marc Jacobs
These are so much better than the ones on Stardoll

Socks by Miu Miu

Skirt by Sass & Bide
Kind of reminds me of some of the HotBuys Skirts from the past

Sweater by Topshop

Bag By:Asos

Cuter in person

Checkered top by Topshop

Jumpsuit by Adam

Jacket by Topshop

Sunglasses by Emilio Pucci
I Love these in person and on Stardoll!

Unknown: Bead Earrings

I can now post the HotBuys of August 2009

[ the ones that stardoll modeled the online ones after]

So Lets Start!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

August Hotbuys 2009!!!!

Finally something to blog about! Just today Hotbuys sneak peek hits Stardoll.com's Magazine
So lets go over the realise dates:
HotBuys Sunglasses - Styling Shop [a new shop perhaps??] August 31, 2009
HotBuys Jacket- Bisou August 6, 2009
HotBuys earrings- Styling Shop August 24, 2009
HotBuys Full skirt- Bisou August 3, 2009
HotBuys shoes- Fudge August 13
HotBuys Knee Socks- Evil Panda August 21
HotBuys Top- Pretty in Pink August 11
HotBuys Purse- Bisou August 28
Hot Buys Shorts- Pretty in pink August 11
Hots Buys sweater- Fudge August 26

Overall I have to admit they arnt as cute, but when I can see the real life models maybe I will change my mind, I will post the real versions when I get the 411, until then thanks for reading

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pick of the Day Alien

I love to get free things on stardoll as much as the next person but this "thing" is not the prettiest little bobble I have ever seen. There is also some more to this set of Alien toys that are for free but [i cant find any good graffics].
Anyways whats the point of giving us free stuff if it looks to bad that nodody would really even want it. if only therer were more free clothes and LESS FREE JUNK!
Dont you agree?

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Great Blog!

I love this blog! If you are a major HotBuys addict then this blog is your best friend!
One of my favorite things about his blog is that you can see the Hotbuys from starplaza found in stores neer you! Not only can you Medoll be decked out in these snazzy threads but now so can you with this nifty road map to fashion!
Check it out!

July 2009 HotBuys Stardoll to Your Stores!

Necklace by Modcloth

Simsuit by Urban Outfiters

Hat by Unknown brand

Bag by Jimmy Choo

Topshop Body

Jumpsuit by H&M

Shoes by Faith

Topshop dress

TopShop Shorts

Thanks to hotbuysaddicted.blogspot.com

This post will show you all of the Hotbuys you see in Starplaza on stardoll but it will be the real clothes that the online ones were modeled after!

Miss Sixty on Stardoll?

Okay you have seen lots of ads on stardoll about Miss Sixty coming to stardoll.
This is known to be Fact at the moment but were is it?
Some blogs are posting the same thing saying "when is it coming" and some have began to belive its just a rumor. But some blogs say it will be here by the end of the summer.
For me, I say to keep your eyes open

Emma Watson, Teen Vogue's August CoverGirl!

Everyone's favorite witch from Harry Potter Movies now the face fro Teen Vogue for August 2009!?
Emma Watson, looking extra fierce as she smiles for the cover picture. To promote the latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Which was a huge success as I, myself went to the midnight showing.
Well Thats Some Harry Potter News for you!

Speacial Edition Guitars

Special Edition Guitars!
If you have logged onto your stardoll in the last week or so you would have probably seen these new guitars in Starplaza! They are a little bit expensive, priced at 50 stardollars, but since they are for supestars, superstars like me get a 50 stardollar refill every other week or so. Its a whole week worth of star-cash but its worth it if you feel like bringing out your inner guitar cutie!

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