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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Notice

Hello Bloggers and Readers. Sorry I have not been posting very much at all lately. The Reason is partly because I have no time since the holidays are coming and that means less blogging and more shopping but also I have not been on stardoll a lot because my account is acting funny and its been hard buying things with it. All and all I think i will have to shut down this blog TEMPORARILY until the holidays pass. Maybe after new years at the latests

-- Love all of you Fashionistas and Happy Holidays, Liv

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear Bloggers and Followers

Hey Bloggies!
I Just want to say that this month is going to be a littl odd because I be traveling for the next two weeks and then the holidays are next so November may have a littl less posts than the usuall Im sorry but since I am the only one who writes and manages this blog its going to be hard to post all the time. I Hope you understand and Im trying my best to keep you posted, until next time ---Liv

New Face&New Clothes in Stardoll: Migliukee.

Well I haven't Been on Stardoll for all too long but I do believe that this is a first when Stardoll has showcased a new line of clothing from a designer who is a member on Stardoll! This Line looks very cool and it appers that most is for non-superstars too.
These are very pretty
Stardoll Magazine Reads:
"Welcome to our first ever Stardoll user-designed collection, designed by Stardoll member Migliukee. We worked with Migliukee to pull together a hand-picked and beautifully cohesive, on-trend and fashionable collection from a huge selection of sketches that she had produced. Enjoy this Stardoll first -- celebrating the creativity of our amazing Stardolls worldwide!"--Stardoll Magazine

Monday, November 2, 2009

Stardoll's Top Designers : October Issue of Bazaar Magazine!

This Issue was created by and is owned by http://stardolldesigner.blogspot.com

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Styled Outfit by Liv

The Outfit: Halloween Punk Chic!
Shopping List: Spike Shoulder Jacket by Tingeling Halloween Couture, Crystal Heeled Boots by Tingeling Halloween Couture, Black Tassel Hem Tunic by Decades, And Lots and lots of Studded Belts by Miss Sixty.

HotBuys Bag Outfit!

Make up was using the Black, Gold and Purple Colors from the Handbag!
Outfit: HotBuys Handbag Inspired Look!
Shopping List: Belted Loop Sweater from Tingeling Halloween Couture, Hot Buys Purse, Stacked Cuffs from ELLE, Studded Belt from Miss Sixty, Extra Wide Belt from ELLE, Skull Shirt from Tingeling Halloween Couture, Glidder Spike Skinny Jeans from Tingeling Halloween Couture, Crystal Heeled Boots from Tingeling Couture, Rode Headband from Splendid, Make-Up from Dot, Earings from Splendid.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Makeover time with Liv


Makeover Time with Liv!

Hey Loyal Bloggers, Readers, and Stardoll Lovers! I have started a New thing where I randomly click a medoll on stardoll go to their suite and give them a Make over and post Before and Afters so you can see how easy a makover is for your doll! Dont take it personaly if your Medoll is found on my blog, like I said its totaly Random so I hope you enjoy!


Styled Outfits by: Me Outfit #2

Outfit: Halloween +Lady Gaga=Chic and Fab!
Shopping List: Spike Shoulder Jacket from Tingeling Halloween Couture, Lady Gaga Glasses from Splendid, Lady Gaga Leggings from Tingeling, Paneled Leather Top from ELLE, Pleather Motorcycle Hot pants from Miss Sixty, Suede Anckle Boots from Miss Sixty, Make-Up from Dot, Bag from Baby Phat, and Jewlery from Splendid!

This Make Up was all about Lady Gaga!

Styled Outfits by Me

Ok So its almost Halloween and so Starplaza has been making lots of goodies that fit Halloween Nicely but they can look even better when paired with the right items! So In order for your me doll to look amazing [well more than they do now ;D ] I have created a set of Styled Outfits that I have Created for this Halloween Season!
The Outfit: Halloween Punk Chic!
Shopping List: Bag from Baby Phat, Leggings from Tingeling Halloween Couture, Boots from Tingeling Halloween Couture, Motorcycle chain tine top from Miss Sixty, and Make-up from Dot!

For the Make up I chose to do a Punk rock themed look but still with a cute and sassy touch!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Halloween Scenery

Its about time I learned how to put my screen prints on my blog! Well I wanted to share this one with you because its perfect for Halloween!

Tingeling Halloween Couture!

Ok when I think of Halloween Outfits I must admit I dont think of them as pretty, chic, or expensive looking...I tend to think tacky and cheep looking. But stardoll thankfully has broken the Costume expectations! Its about time someone made a trendy Halloween outfit for once!
So Stardoll took these looks right of the Runway and made them into Halloween Heaven!

Monday, October 19, 2009

California Girls

For all those California Girls Out there!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pink for October in Starplaza Now!

Think Pink Superstars because these looks are hot!

Miss Sixty's October Line in Starplaza Now

Sorry for the delay but you should have no delay buying these items because they wont be here much longer!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Set of The Day

For all who love Fashion

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

3 Looks Of Fall By Me!

We all you all know Fall is here so you must look sharp at all times lol well isnt that the same for all seasons? Yep! So here are three sets of Sweet Fall fashion Hope you Like them!

FREE Barbie T-Shirt

Watch the video in the stardoll cinema and get a this shirt free

BFF Free Gift on Stardoll

Post here and Get a Gift no link needed just look for it in the add section of your normal Stardoll webpage! I Think its great that stardoll is doing something about this. And you get a Free Gift so post post post!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Barbie comes to Starplaza say what?!?!

Well This new store is a double take.. Its Barbie! This line is from the childhood doll that most of the fashionistas on stardoll grew up with soo its only fitting that it comes to starplaza but this Line isnt like the moxie girl line at all! its cute, fun, trendy, and of course its all about the Barbie Pink!!! But best of all the prices are mostly in the 5 to 7 stardollar range but even better its for non-superstars!!! This line if full of great must haves like that hot pink and black cheetah prink dress (this was the first thing I bought), the purses are all cute like the mini pink purse (also I have it) and those blue boots are something I can totaly see in my stardoll closet next to those hot pink boots that are also in the Barbie store! I think that this line was very well done because ity still has that cute little girl look but yet a trendy grown up edge that is suitable for perhaps the older members of stardoll like the teens and such. I hope this line stays around for long because it may take a while to collect everything from the line. And some of these peices are great seasonal finds such as the sunglasses for summer and the white fur coat for winter and the orange floral tunic of spring! All and all this line was very well done and I hope stardoll can make more lines to this standard more often!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Free Moon Festival Painting and Lantern

Free stuff is always good stuff when It comes to stardoll so take it! Even if you dont want it it is always good to have a secret supply of Nick-nacks in your stardoll Storage box!
This time its a cute little paper lantern and a pretty painting both are seasonal items so grab them before there gone!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Baby phat is now in starplaza!

This line is cute and its for just superstars but the prices are very nice starting at 9 and going up to about 15 or so. They have some very nice fall items too!
Happy Shopping

Germany Comes to Starplaza

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Red Carpet Armani and Versus in Starplaza today!

Red Carpet continues to come in to starplaza and this time its for non superstars too just like last time, butI feel its just for a short time!
So Hurry!
Emporio Armani dress and shoes
Versus dress, shoes & clutch

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BlackStar is Back Preview

ok so most of you or at least the stardoll fashionistas that are in the loop, know that black stare clothing was avalable in starplaza for a short time but only avalable on a certain sever, well now its back with new items and possible for all users this time!

HotBuys to your Stores October 2009

I love these posts about HotBuys to your stores! The Following images are from seen on stardoll and HotBuys Addicted!
Well Anyways I think This Months HotBuys are the best set of HotBuys we have had in a long time and I personally would love to own everthing from this month not just for my doll but for me!
Balenciaga skirt

Bag by Louis Vuitton

Quilted bag by Candie's at Kohl's

Panties by Topshop

Top by Topshop

Top by Topshop

Jacket by Louis Vuitton

Dress by Alexander McQueen

Friday, September 25, 2009

HotBuys October 2009 Doll

Omg I Love these Clothes and The doll is so pretty too!
More HotBuys October 2009 posts below and more to come

Fall HotBuys October 2009!

OMG....I cant belive it but for the first time ever Stardoll is...FIERCE!
I Love every single thing omg these clothes are hot! I may just have to track out the real life items for my own closet! these Looks are stunning and they even tie in some Halloween flair without making it to tacky. I Love all the items but my top picks are: The knee high boots, the black and purple round purse, the dress. and the blouse! I will post there look alikes soon, until then: Shop On all you Fashionistas!

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