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Monday, October 5, 2009

Barbie comes to Starplaza say what?!?!

Well This new store is a double take.. Its Barbie! This line is from the childhood doll that most of the fashionistas on stardoll grew up with soo its only fitting that it comes to starplaza but this Line isnt like the moxie girl line at all! its cute, fun, trendy, and of course its all about the Barbie Pink!!! But best of all the prices are mostly in the 5 to 7 stardollar range but even better its for non-superstars!!! This line if full of great must haves like that hot pink and black cheetah prink dress (this was the first thing I bought), the purses are all cute like the mini pink purse (also I have it) and those blue boots are something I can totaly see in my stardoll closet next to those hot pink boots that are also in the Barbie store! I think that this line was very well done because ity still has that cute little girl look but yet a trendy grown up edge that is suitable for perhaps the older members of stardoll like the teens and such. I hope this line stays around for long because it may take a while to collect everything from the line. And some of these peices are great seasonal finds such as the sunglasses for summer and the white fur coat for winter and the orange floral tunic of spring! All and all this line was very well done and I hope stardoll can make more lines to this standard more often!


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