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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Special Edition Bags Review

Stardoll Has done it again, frist with the ever popular DKNY and ELLE clothing lines for superstars, Next came the LE Limited Edition lines with stunning prints and structures, then the slightly disapointing Special Edition Guitars, and now..... THIS???? Speacial Edition Bags. Well the reason Im not so pleased with these bags is because. whats so speacial about these bags?? They dont have the tredny flair that DKNY AND ELLE had, they dont have that wow factor that the LE Limited Edition line had. So I still dont see whats so fab about these bags.... I guess Speacial editon is speacial for only some people.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Project Runway New season Kick Off!

For are those project Runway Fans out there I bet you know what tonight is.....
Its the kick off of another season of Project Runway of course! So keep your eyes on my blog because if you didnt know this, I am a huge fan! So now not only will my blog be centered on the latest celebs, stardoll, and fashion, but also PROJECT RUNWAY! i will be sure to update my blog with all of this seasons buzz and the whose who of the runway this year!

HotBuys September 2009 to your stores!

Once again HotBuys addicted has released there list of real life HotBuys! So below are all the items! They didnt have pictures for the HotBuys coat or bow bag so there are only nine HotBuys items below! Not you can be as trendy as your medoll with September 2009's HotBuys! Shoes by Topshop

Leggings by Alexander McQueen

Dress by Topshop

Bag by Candie's by Britney Spears at Kohls

T-Shirt by Sass & Bide
Thanks to
Seen on Stardoll

Dress by Topshop

Miami top by Topshop

Scarf by Forever 21
Not the same print, but it really looks like the HB one.

Beret by Sonia Rykiel

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stardoll Magazine Elle's Street Chic SHOWDOWN!

1 2 3 4 5

If you read Stardoll Magazine on Stardoll, you probably have looked at a Street Chic Daily photo. They are about Everyday with a new look, But i thought why not see which one looks the best? So I took five Street Chic looks from this Week and some from the last, and put them together for the ultimate showdown of street chic! So Im going to put in a poll for my blog asking what street chic takes all and you can vote.

HotBuys September 2009

Its That Time again! Stardoll Magazine has released the Hotbuys September 2009 sneek peak! So Lets have a Look shall we? Well I love it all! Its way better than last week that is for sure, Some of my favs are the Bubble Dot dress from evil panda, the funky tights from Fudge, the Cheetah print coat from RIO, and the Hots-buys T-shirt from evil panda is just too cute!
So I guess now you are wondering when these goodies will hit the virtural shelves of starplaza? Well Down below I will write the dates.
HotBuys Purse-- Pretty in Pink--September 11th
HotBuys Top-- Fudge-- September 23rd
HotBuys Scarf-- Fudge-- September 15th
HotBuys Beret--Bisou--September 3rd
HotBuys Dress--Bisou--September 8th
HotBuys Bag-- Kohl's-- (Already Out)
HotBuys T-shirt--Evil Panda--September 21st
HotBuys Tights--Fudge--September 1st
HotBuys Sandal--Pretty in Pink--September 25th
HotBuys Dot Dress-- Evil Panda--September 29th
HotBuys Coat--RIO--September 17th
Thats all for now. Once HotBuys Addicted posts their list of real life HotBuys i will Post the follow up to this. Until Then Happy Shopping :D

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well I haven't been on stardoll due to some family visits but when I logged on today there was yet another store in starplaza! I know one thing, the members of the stardoll staff must be busy with all these fab new stores and collections! Well the store as you can tell is called Moxie and Its full of cute and fun little outfits for your dolls. Its a bit of a funky retro 80's vibe I see. Well the funk isnt the best part for the stardoll members! All of the items in the store even the guitar is for non-superstar members! And when you think It couldn't get any better, stardoll staff gave everyone a free Moxie girl poster! They always give posters and I have so many posters I dont know what to do with them so I just put them in storage, but I hope the get new and cuter ways of giving free stuff soon. I just know there will be even more cute things coming up! Thank you stardoll staff and keep up the fast and cute work!
Ok so above we have a great screen shot of the new store and all of its fab new clothes! Some of these things are great and loook good with almost anything. If your not loving the funky colors just get the basics like those cute and simple white boots, the fab pink or green belts, and those blue jeans that are only 3 stardollars! But if you are into looking funky and keeping with the latest starplaza trends, then I would totaly snag those hot pink and white leggings and that rocking handbag! So far I think Im going to get those hot boots up front with the loud blue and green colors! Well anyway you shop, you better shop fast because something tells me this store, just like the Kohls. line is not going to stick around for long.

Vacation notice

Hey Bloggers! Sorry About my blog posts have come to a stop, I have been away with some family so I hope I can catch up on all the Fashion news I missed while I was gone! I will Fill you In ASAP --Liv

Saturday, August 15, 2009

School Theme on Stardoll Not so Hot

Ok so for the past week or so, Stardoll has had this back to school theme and now they are starting this Schoolteacher theme which is a little vintage and classical colors. Its not really my thing though, I like vintage but not this kind. Some say that this was on stardoll before and part of me wonders if they are going to bring back more old things from stardoll past. In this case I hope not because personaly I like it when stardoll gets brand new things. Also the Hots Buys for this month are kind of a let-down also. I hope next month with have much more to blog about. Anyways thats my review for you. What are your feelings on these old school themes?

Summer Time Set

Ok since there may not be a lot to blog about lately on stardoll because the new arrivals are mostly that ugly "back to school theme". So I have made another set that just sings of summer time fashion! Its a sundress set and its just to cute!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to school Must Haves!

Ok as sad as we are to addmitt it we do have to go back to school some time...so It doesnt hurt to look amazing for it! Ok so I made a set of all the things you need for this school year. Mainly the fall clothing of course. Well we have your trendy gladiator sandals, you of so chic bubble dresses, your flats, clutches with punches of color, metalic jewlery. and of course your awesome handbags! Going back has never been so sweet.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some Of my fav things...

Okay so Here is some of my Fav things, I have created a set to show what kind of things Im into at the moment, Styles change so this may change as time goes on but Here are some totaly cute things I love! *Enjoy*

Summer Must Haves 2009!

Hey everyone! ! just got a Polyvore account and thought I could test It out so I put together a set with all the Summer Must Haves for this summer! Take a look maybe you will see some must haves that you like! Enjoy your summer :D

Looklet Of the Day

This look of the day Is Cute and Pink! everyone needs a sassy casual outfit Like this!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Omg! Ok so I logged onto Satdoll as I do almost every 2 days or so and when I clicked on stardoll Magazine [ because there is always some celeb buzz or fashion news] and when I scrolled down I saw....Christian Siriano!!!!!! MY ALL TIME FAV PROJECT RUNWAY Winner! So anyways I though it would be great if I showed the article on my blog!

Below is an article from Stardoll Magazine.

Saturday 8th of August
Christian Siriano Launches Victoria Secret Makeup!

"Its good to have friends in high places, just ask former Project Runway winner Christian Siriano! Project Runway host Heidi Klum hooked him up with iconic women's fashion label Victoria Secret and now he has his own limited-edition Christian Siriano makeup collection for Victoria Secret Beauty! The launch party was last night and Christian relied on another famous friend to help him create a stir on the red carpet. None other than makeup-lover Kim Kardashian! Keep your Eyes on the Stars ... and on their makeup "-- VickySD

Its so great to know what My Fav Project runway Winner Is up to!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fab Fashion Thanks again!

Omg! It must be my week or something because I have yet again, been blogged about in sdfabfashion! Check out the purple words below for what the wrote:
" Well TheGirl1313 has yet again made another creative outfit I especially love the ruffles! Although I enjoy all ruffle dresses! :D anyway, I really do believe no one has made a dress like that if I am not mistaken!
You look Fabulous Darling! :D"- by Findurlove
Anyways I think its so cool that fashionistas with such good taste and a respected reputation, like my work. Hope to please them again soon and I hope that I will get better and better at showing my love for fashion. Thanks again,-Liv

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation Notice

Hey my lovely readers! Sorry for the lack of blog posts and stuff, I'm going on vacation soon so there may be a short period of time without news from my blogs. I will post things if I have the time but otherwise I hope you can understand--Liv

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chloe Fall 2009 inspired stardoll outfit!

Graphic provided by breathless.magazine.stardoll.blogspot.com
Anyways here is another inspired outfit on stardoll. This look thats for the "school girl" line on stardoll is from Chloe Fall 2009 's line! Anyways thats another inspired outfit for you.

Chloe Fall 2009 inspired stardoll outfit!

Graphic provided by breathless.magazine.stardoll.blogspot.com
Anyways here is another inspired outfit on stardoll. This look thats for the "school girl" line on stardoll is from Chloe Fall 2009 's line! Anyways thats another inspired outfit for you.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fab Fashion.blogspot! Thank you!

Omg! Ok check this mention in Fab Fashion! Its about lil miss Me!!

"Hey everyone!Check out this great outfit by TheGirls1313! It's very nice and elegant, never seen a curtain outfit like this before! It's very simple too! :)" -The following was from http://sdfabfashion.blogspot.com.

Ok this may not be so wonderful for some of you but this is so cool for me because well, Im not a big face on stardoll and not a lot of popular, well- known, respected fashionistas look at my work let alone blog about it!!! I am so happy that my very first creation got some lime-light! Love you all and I hope I can continue to please more and more people with my love for fashion! -liv

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