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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HotBuys September 2009

Its That Time again! Stardoll Magazine has released the Hotbuys September 2009 sneek peak! So Lets have a Look shall we? Well I love it all! Its way better than last week that is for sure, Some of my favs are the Bubble Dot dress from evil panda, the funky tights from Fudge, the Cheetah print coat from RIO, and the Hots-buys T-shirt from evil panda is just too cute!
So I guess now you are wondering when these goodies will hit the virtural shelves of starplaza? Well Down below I will write the dates.
HotBuys Purse-- Pretty in Pink--September 11th
HotBuys Top-- Fudge-- September 23rd
HotBuys Scarf-- Fudge-- September 15th
HotBuys Beret--Bisou--September 3rd
HotBuys Dress--Bisou--September 8th
HotBuys Bag-- Kohl's-- (Already Out)
HotBuys T-shirt--Evil Panda--September 21st
HotBuys Tights--Fudge--September 1st
HotBuys Sandal--Pretty in Pink--September 25th
HotBuys Dot Dress-- Evil Panda--September 29th
HotBuys Coat--RIO--September 17th
Thats all for now. Once HotBuys Addicted posts their list of real life HotBuys i will Post the follow up to this. Until Then Happy Shopping :D


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