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Thursday, July 23, 2009

August Hotbuys 2009!!!!

Finally something to blog about! Just today Hotbuys sneak peek hits Stardoll.com's Magazine
So lets go over the realise dates:
HotBuys Sunglasses - Styling Shop [a new shop perhaps??] August 31, 2009
HotBuys Jacket- Bisou August 6, 2009
HotBuys earrings- Styling Shop August 24, 2009
HotBuys Full skirt- Bisou August 3, 2009
HotBuys shoes- Fudge August 13
HotBuys Knee Socks- Evil Panda August 21
HotBuys Top- Pretty in Pink August 11
HotBuys Purse- Bisou August 28
Hot Buys Shorts- Pretty in pink August 11
Hots Buys sweater- Fudge August 26

Overall I have to admit they arnt as cute, but when I can see the real life models maybe I will change my mind, I will post the real versions when I get the 411, until then thanks for reading


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