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Thursday, July 30, 2009

From Bazaar Magazine!

Please Note: This was not written by Liv's Runway! This was made all thanks to the creators of Bazaar Magazine and http://stardolldesigner.blogspot.com/
Article and Graphic provided by http://stardolldesigner.blogspot.com/
" I first found out about r1ma through her blog a few months ago. I didnt know she was a designer till i ran into those awesome Marc Jacobs leggings that she had posted. Once i spotted those i was hooked. Plus, i come to find out, she has a ton of gorgeous creations right off the runway. I truly think her nitch is making runway collections on stardesign panels to hang up in your suite. They are simply amazing and i personally would not even want to try to make something so complex. You can definitely catch UndamyUmbrellla wearing r1ma's fabulous creations, staying updated with the lastest fashions, i can understand why or maybe they have some modeling agreement going on ...lol.You should also check out her blog! Its about what influences her stardoll style and the Real fashions going on in the world. I have to say its very interesting and funny at times so definitely take a peek: http://r1ma.blogspot.com/ "-http://stardolldesigner.blogspot.com/


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