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Saturday, May 14, 2011

So I See Lots of Haul Vlogs, Sets,and Blogs So i decided why not do one. Im also thinking of doing an Outfit of the day thing. Im Not Sure Sp if you want to see more just request. I want to get closer or get to know my subscribers and blog followers as well as my polyvore followers so feel free to request tips, hauls, reviews, aski questions, cause I love doing it :)

Ok So Now To The Haul :)
Just got back from the mall and Movies with my bestie Lena and We saw Something Borrowed. I Highly recommend seeing that movie btw with your friends, I didnt expect to laugh that much and it was actually a very good movie from laughs, to plot line :) Go see it :D

So I Go My Dress at Papaya for 16$
its sleeveless and I love the rompers they have there, I bought one and i was surprised how well it fit cause most rompers just dont fit right cause im pretty tall so things usually look to short on me XD But they fit great and they are good quality and they are pretty cheep too.

Owl Pendant: $7
Charming Charlie, I needed an owl necklace and this one seemed pretty cute cause most owl necklaces are either to over the top or creepy looking :)

Shutter Shades Necklace: $4
Charming Charlie, It reminds me of the summer :D

Love Letter Necklace: $1.50
Forever 21

Robot Necklace: $1.50
Forever 21

Pearl Bow Necklace: $ 3.20
Forever 21

All and All I spent most of my time Talking and watching the movie and not so much shopping but it was a great time and I got a lot of cute things. Tell me what you think, More Hauls. Outfit Of The Days? Tips and Reviews? Let me Know in the comments below :)

Also In the comments Below, tell me what is your favorite store at your mall?


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